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Familia are propriul bucătar-chef, dar şi un angajat care are sarcina unică de a plimba cei zece câini ai familiei.

Implicată într-o serie de proiecte de modă, Tamara este o mamă îndrăzneaţă.

Hypertension remains the most common cardiovascular risk factor in developing countries, yet the majority of patients have no access to pharmacological therapy.

Population-wide preventive strategies, such as salt restriction, are an attractive alternative, but experience in resource-poor settings is limited.

If promoted on a wide scale, sodium reduction could be used to treat persons with established hypertension, and more importantly, to prevent age-related increases in BP in poor communities.

The Institutional Review Boards of the University of Ibadan, College of Medicine, the University of the West Indies, and Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago approved the study. Using a randomization scheme constructed in blocks of four, individuals were allocated to either a low-salt or high-salt diet for 3 weeks, followed by a 2-week washout period and a crossover phase for an additional 3 weeks (Figure 1).

Se crede că Tamara are o avere netă de 258 de milioane de euro, cheltuind şapte milioane de euro doar pentru organizarea propriei nunţi în 2013.

Perechea a petrecut alături de 150 de invitaţi la cel mai luxos hotel din Riviera Franceză.

Research nurses from the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit (TMRU) recruited the Jamaican participants from five neighbourhoods in the vicinity of the University of the West Indies (namely, Mona Heights, Liguanea, Papine, Elletson Flats, and Hope Pastures).

Normotensive men and women between the ages of 25 and 55 years who were able to give informed consent were eligible for the study.

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Aceasta este cunoscută pentru relaţia apropiată cu fetiţa ei, intrând recent în gura presei după ce a declarat că va opri alăptarea doar atunci cand Sophia îşi va dori acest lucru.

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